Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bring out your inner sassy

My name is Elizabeth Sutor, and I am a makeup artist and wardrobe consultant. Before branching out on my own, I worked for Lancôme Cosmetics at a local department store. The training and the seminars I attended as both part of the cosmetics line and the cosmetics department was both fun and invaluable. It was so gratifying to watch my clients’ self-confidence grow before my eyes as I taught them how to go from “oh, well”, to “WOW!” in a matter of minutes.

My mother was an artist, and I grew up surrounded by color, form, and beauty. I learned by osmosis, through DNA (my father was a gardener with an eye for gorgeous yet natural combinations of trees, shrubs, and flowers that bloomed through each season). In high school, I both acted and did makeup for the school plays. Later, as a professional singer/songwriter, I did makeup for stage and photographs, for myself and other performers. I also learned how to put together a cohesive “look” for myself and my backing vocalists, depending upon the venue, and the program.

I believe that every woman has her own unique style – that inside, each of us knows who we really are. But we have been taught to not honor that. My plan is to encourage women of all ages, sizes and colors to bring out their “Inner Sassy”. See, when you truly own who you are, you carry yourself differently, and this confidence extends across the board, into every area of your life. Job interviews, dates, meeting new people for the first time, getting what you want out of life – when you package yourself differently, more professionally, more polished, more “I know who I am”, it all takes on a different tone. It’s not about superficiality or materialism: it’s about owning your own power.

In my articles, I will be addressing every aspect of true style – identifying your “look” in your wardrobe, your makeup, and yes, even your home. I will show you how to work the latest trends while not becoming a fashion victim. Together, we will cover everything from how to deal with casual day at work, to how to look sexy without looking sleazy and to all points in between.

Elizabeth Sutor is a Makeup Artist and Wardrobe Consultant. She can be reached at or 302.312.9241. Her website is

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